Cut Costs, Not Care: Optimizing Dental Practices with Wellplaece™️

Cameron Seher June 05, 2023

Dental practices everywhere are burdened with high fixed costs. CBCT scanners. Sterilizers. Dental cabinets. Dental chairs. Anesthetics. Endodontics. The list is long, and the prices are high. Margins are tight.

Beyond fixed costs, are other kinds of costs. Invoices can pile up, making accounting a headache. Paperwork can be cumbersome. Insurance companies aren’t always pleasant to work with. It can be difficult to retain staff. 

Worst of all, this takes dentists away from dentistry— more time spent on tedium means less time with patients. Less time with patients can mean less optimal outcomes. 

In short, running a dental office can sometimes feel like a 19th century root canal. 

Many dental practices believe that the only partial solution is to improve revenue. This can introduce even more complexity, in the form of additional staff, equipment, office space, or other items to manage. More headaches. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Dentists, we invite you to imagine a world where your costs are lower, and your profits are higher. You make more money per client. 

You can further invest your profits into your business. You can increase compensation and reduce turnover, or even spend more on marketing and expansion. Best of all, you can accomplish this with less paperwork and zero additional labor. 

Now, imagine being able to solve both the margin problem and the headache problem, at the same time. 

This is the future we’re building at Wellplaece. 

As your prospective new dental practice care partner, we’re solving for both margins and headaches. We exist to help you optimize your dental practice. 

We’d like our dental partners to be able to help their clients with a healthier P&L, and with the fewest hassles. 

We’ve created a digital platform for dental practices to:

  • Find better pricing on dental supplies
  • Find fair and transparent supply options
  • Consolidate ordering workflows
  • Optimize and streamline supply spend
  • Gain access to a wider array of suppliers
  • Improve their profitability
  • Achieve dental practice optimization

For simplicity’s sake, it’s all in one portal. And on one invoice. Dental supply procurement has never been easier. 

We’d be honored to work with you. Join us at wellplaece.com, today.